Tumblr's Top Ships of 2017: Supergirl, Riverdale, Game of Thrones, and More

As you may have noticed by a doddering New York Times article trying to explain the concept of shipping to its aging readership like Mark Waid writing a Champions comic, Tumblr has released its list of the top ships of 2017, based on the number of posts about them on the popular social media platform. In the tradition of repurposing the content for a clickbait article, let's see which of our favorite geeky properties (here defined as the ones people click on most) earned spots on the list.

Tumblr's Top Ships of 2017: Supergirl, Riverdale, Game of Thrones, and More
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Supergirl earned two spots in the top 10 this year, with Kara Danvers and Lana Luthor, dubbed Supercorp, taking the number six spot and Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer, Sanvers, taking number nine. A little further down the list, Betty and Jughead from Riverdale ranked 13 as Bughead, while the classic John Snow and Daenerys Targaryen pairing, Jonerys, places Game of Thrones at number 16. Star Wars' Rey and Kylo Ren slipped down to the bottom of the top 20, at number 19, though we're going to have to withhold our judgement from that one until we're absolutely sure they're not related — you've burned us once before, Star Wars franchise!

Here's the full top 10, as well as a number representing how many slots up or down the list they moved:

1. Klance +5
Keith & Lance, Voltron: Legendary Defender
2. Malec +3
Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood, Shadowhunters
3. Victuuri
Victor Nikiforov & Yuri Katsuki, Yuri!!! on Ice
4. Phan −2
Daniel Howell & Phil Lester, YouTubers
5. Jikook
Park Jimin & Jeon Jungkook, BTS
6. Supercorp
Kara Danvers & Lena Luthor, Supergirl
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7. McHanzo +10
Jesse McCree & Hanzo Shimada, Overwatch
8. Otayuri
Otabek Altin & Yuri Plisetsky, Yuri!!! on Ice
9. Sanvers
Maggie Sawyer & Alex Danvers, Supergirl
10. Wayhaught
Waverly Earp & Nicole Haught, Wynonna Earp

Head over to Tumblr to read the full Top 30.

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