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Shroud Returns To Twitch With A New Exclusive Deal
After a couple months of speculation, we now know where Shroud ended up Right back on Twitch and now with an exclusive deal The word came down this morning that he will be returning to the platform after having left it before to join Mixer for a big-money deal As we now know, after Microsoft[...]
Shroud Only Got A Third Of His Audience To Follow Him To Mixer
StreamMetrics posted a report showing that after Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek moved from Twitch to Mixer in his new deal, only a third of his audience made the jump with him His viewership dipped significantly from 718k unique viewers down to just 231k. Credit: Twitch Now to give Shroud the benefit of the doubt, he did change to[...]
Several Streamers Will Star In A New Multipleyer Title "LMAO: The Game"
The streamers will be playable characters and include familiar names such as Ninja, Shroud, TimtheTatman, Lirik, and Summit1G You can see them all in action with the fresh new trailer below. Credit: LAMO LLC LAMO The Game is a fast-paced, Free-to-Play multiplayer competitive game that allows players to compete as some of the world's top competitive gaming talent  In[...]
Recap: MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL "Call OF Duty: Modern Warfare" Celebrity PRO-AM
The six teams we had on board were Shroud and D'Angelo Russell, C3CZ and Vince Staples, Priestahh and Blake Anderson, Formal and T-Pain, Scrump and Karl-Anthony Towns, and finally Aydan and Ajiona Alexus And because it's a celebrity event, there was $25k on the line to be donated to charity. Credit: Gavin Sheehan The event took place[...]
Popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Player Banned for Using Flying Car
That's the harsh lesson that one of the game's most popular streamers is learning this week as Shroud has been banned for a month over probably one of the most useless hacks in the game. As you can see from the clipped Twitch video we posted below, you can see Shroud jump into a car mid-game[...]
PUBG and deadmau5 Getting Together for a Twitch Prime Event
Popular streamers like Shroud, Dr DisRespect, and AnneMunition will be joining the DJ in Los Angeles as he plays a brand-new set of music for some special in-game exclusive gear from the company for anyone who has Twitch Prime Here's a quick rundown of what they intend to show off during the livestream. credit//Twitch Expect a day full of entertainment, including: Live[...]