Shroud Returns To Twitch With A New Exclusive Deal

After a couple months of speculation, we now know where Shroud ended up. Right back on Twitch and now with an exclusive deal. The word came down this morning that he will be returning to the platform after having left it before to join Mixer for a big-money deal. As we now know, after Microsoft shut it down, he was paid out for the rest of his contract. Many assumed he might follow Ninja over to YouTube, especially after fans last week saw Dr. Disrespect head there after he was banned from the platform. But unlike others who have left Twitch to go elsewhere, Shroud didn't really criticize or talk negatively about the platform as much as others did. His channel simply vanished as we assume Twitch took everything offline so he couldn't cross-promote. So for him to return isn't too surprising. Now it's back, and based on the quotes from the announcement below, everything seems to be back on steady ground. We'll see how his first few streams go since reports showed only a third of his Twitch audience followed him to Mixer, and now many of those who didn't go have found new people to check out during the day.

Shroud Returns To Twitch With A New Exclusive Deal
Credit: Shroud

"I am so excited to be able to announce my return to Twitch and more importantly get back to streaming. Twitch is where I was able to first turn my passion for streaming into a successful career – and it is all due to my incredible and loyal fanbase," said Shroud. "As I was exploring options, I realized that there was no better place than Twitch to engage with the best and most loyal gaming community worldwide. I am also excited to relaunch my channel with a new look and logo that I know my fans will love. I'm back, baby!"

"There's nothing better than a homecoming, so we're thrilled to welcome Shroud and his incredible community back to Twitch," said Michael Aragon, SVP of Content at Twitch. "Our mission is to bring people together every day, and we look forward to seeing the FPS legend back in action, exclusively on Twitch."

"We are excited for Shroud to return to Twitch, where it all began. This relationship is a perfect match as one of the most skillful gamers is returning to the home of livestream gaming. As Shroud continues to elevate his personal brand, Twitch allows him an opportunity to continue dominating the world's most popular brands, while engaging with his loyal community eager to see him back on stream," said Brandon Freytag, co-founder and SVP of Talent at Loaded.

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