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He writes from the heart of shutdown, Been trying to stay the course here Using the store's Facebook page to keep in touch with our customers Giving updates on when we are able to reopen Trying to maintain a good attitude Trying to be calm and "professional" Trying to do my best Spock impression while holding[...]
However Michigan, as in other states, have seen street protests against shutdown measures, including rallies and protests by thousands Michigan has gained international media attention, even reaching to me in London, first as a  US hotspot of infections, then for a rally against Governor Gretchen Whitmer's "stay-at-home" order Michigan ranked behind only New York, New[...]
However, the plotlines will see all the characters of Ambridge dealing with the coronavirus shutdown and the impact on their lives and businesses at this time. Until then, expect a lot of weddings and funeral episodes, changes in homes and business and the big village shows, from the seventy years that The Archers has been running[...]