Swipe File: Sinestro And Hitler

Sinestro has always had a certain reputation.And a certain look about him.But Ethan Van Sciver's sketchbook from 2007 may take it a little further...Compared to this...Thanks to Chris Burnham for pulling his copy out of the stacks Of the sketchbook, that is. as Ethan Van Sciver says... he did! [...]

DC Art Academy With Sinestro Artist Brad Walker

Here we have the latest DC Art Academy, this time with Brad Walker the artist of Sinestro. Brad discusses setting panels in space, the difference between drawing heroes and villains in comics and reveals his least favorite part of drawing Sinestro (logos are hard!).[youtube][/youtube] Here we have the latest DC Art Academy, this time with Brad[...]

Ch-Ch-Changes – Deathstroke, To Sinestro To A Contest Of Champions

Daniel and Sandu Florea but will now be drawn by Tyler Kirkham.Sinestro #15 was to have been drawn by Brad Walker and Drew Hennessy will now be drawn by Ethan Van Sciver.While the artist on Contest Of Champions #1, Paco Medina, will be joined by Thomas Labourot and another, yet unnamed, artist.And the Empowered Special #7 will be in black and[...]

In June, Everyone Thinks The Green Lanterns Are Dead

From the Sinestro short story in the back of today's Convergence: Action Comics #2 comes the word that everyone thinks that the Green Lanterns are dead Well, Kyle Raynor has been murdered by the Omega Men, apparently, and Guy Gardner, Jon Stewart and others have been displaced in Lost Army, while Hal Jordan is a[...]

33 Thoughts About 33 Comics Today – Harley Quinn, Saga, Nova, Worlds End, Futures End, Rasputin, Savage Dragon, Southern Bastards, Black Science, Deadpool & Captain America, Wolverine & The X-Men, Adventure Time x2, Uber, Thought Bubble 2014, Crossed, God Is Dead, War Stories, Sinestro, Thunderbolts, Inhuman, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Axis Revolutions, Carnage, Deathlok, Wonder Woman, Shadow, Phantom, Pathfinder, Transformers, Little Nemo, Doodle Jump, Bob's Burgers

And, yes, there will be plenty of eyes on this comic boo after yesterday's Inhumans movie announcement... Okay, someone needs to give the Sinestro Corps some basic lessons in anatomy Mind, you they are aliens, maybe that's how they do it on other planets Must suck to be an alien milkman.You know that's what's going to[...]

Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – The Art Episode, From Transformers: Windblade To Sex Criminals

Carnage #2 (of 4) DC Comics: Batman Eternal #2 DC Comics: Forever Evil: Justice League #29 Marvel Comics: Uncanny X-Men #20 Marvel Comics: Hulk #1 Marvel Comics: The Superior Spider-Man #31 DC Comics: Sinestro #1 Image Comics: Genesis (Graphic Novel) IDW: Frankenstein Alive Alive: Reanimated Edition IDW: Frankenstein Alive Alive #3 Marvel Comics: The Superior Spider-Man Vol 5 (Trade) IDW: Godzilla: History's Greatest Monster (Trade) Image Comics:[...]

A Very Strange Page Turn In Sinestro #1

I had a rather strange experience reading the new Sinestro #1, out today A beautiful comic it is as well with Dale Eaglesham on full force.People reading in digital may not get quite the same effect But reading the following page of on the right..... then turning onto the left...With those teeth, yt's hard not[...]

A New Sinestro Series By Cullen Bunn And Dale Eaglesham From DC Comics

The race for April solicitations is on! The game is afoot!And, as previously rumoured, Green Lantern bad guy-ish character Sinestro is getting his own DC New 52 series (but not Sinestro Corps).DC Comics PR department gave Newsarama the news today, that Cullen Bunn and Dale Eaglesham will be writing and drawing the book when it[...]

Wonder Woman Loses Her Pants

Here's the cover to the DC Comics DC Relaunch Sampler comic hitting stores next week. And Green Lantern spoilers at the bottom aside, Let's check have a closer look at that Wonder Woman image and compare it with the one that was previously released. Looks like someone decided that by hook or by crook, Wonder […]

Sinestro Corps Keeps Fear Alive at Stewart/Colbert Rally

With key congressional elections just days away, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert staged a rally to -- in the Washington Post's words -- "redeclare Americans' ability to get along and work together, regardless of their ideological differences,"  and poke fun at the typically overheated media conversation that surrounds US politics in the process.The rally drew[...]