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Another wonderful week of comics, so what have you been buying?

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Psychic occultist Cassandra Craft returned to the New 52 with a racebending change from white to black. As of five years later, in Justice League Dark: Futures End #1, she seems to be becoming DC's new Oracle as well…

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The superfuturistic Spider-Man in today's Edge Of Spider-Verse has a blast from the past in how it delivers exposition for its villains with the Marvel trading cards of old. A very pretty comic book. Talking of exposition….

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Futures End #22 is an all-exposition, all-the-time issue, as we finally get  timeline of what happened with the Earth War, beat by beat, how the Earth 2ers fled the attack from Darkseid, how they got to Prime Earth, how the battle went, who did what to who and what the hell is going on and who is doing what to who. With both it and Superman Doomed leading into next week's issue, there's a lot hanging on this rather entertaining exposition dump…


Though no one does exposition quite like Chew
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Though Aquaman And The Others: Futures End #1 seems more concerned with going over old ground. An ex-lover's argument about something else where they really have other issues on their mind perhaps. usually it's about the washing up rather than World War of course.

And talking of Doomed #2


Also playing into the lack of powers in Booster Gold: Futures End #1.

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It must all be linked… talking of which, we know that Magneto is going to kill the wrong man

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Could this interesting factoid from today's Magneto explain who that wrong man might be? Now for Guardians Of The Galaxy fans who thought in the movie that they just didn't see enough of Peter Quinn…

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Job done. So, who has a kind word to say today? In a world of meanness, who has a complimemt to give?


From the Tag deluxe edition there. There must be a nicer way of saying such a thing? Anyone have a suggestion? What if the person has a large sword? How would you whisper "B.O" to Red Sonja?

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There are certainly perks. Just watch out that no one gets confused.

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Or Legenderry will see you with an axe in your head. Still, at least "darling" is polite.


In Clive Barker's Nightbreed, again, it's all about being polite if you want to not be severely injured. This is a lesson much of the internet could learn and its a credit to modern comic books that they are teaching this lesson.


Butterfly #1 gives us a similar kind of lesson we are unlikely to forget quickly. An inspirational teacher there. Not quite "Oh Captain, My Captain" but it's close.

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And Pathfinder shows some eleoquence as well. No need to be rude when fighting, is there?



Though Lumberjanes comes close with their Die Hard-alike epithet. I want that on a T-shirt.


New Image title Roche Limit explores a contrast of insults…


Whereas Chronicles Of Hate, by the name alone, you know are a bunch of meanies. Words are unnecessary.


And Evil Empire? That's just rude and snarky, when you have someone trying to show real concern, even if they have tied you to a chair for days. You can still be at home to Mr Manners.

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Don't complain Batman! Finally someone in Batman Eternal noticed that you have a dinosaur in your cave. You put it there as a conversation piece, a way to break the ice at batparties, don't dismiss someone who noticed so readily. It's what you've been waiting for so long!

It's time to bring in the experts.

MLP Annual 2014

The Power Ponies from the My Little Pony Annual 2014, fighting the purveyors of meanness, depravity and more words unsuited to the intended reading age of this comic book. Thirty-seven.

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From Superman: Futures End #1, I am totally using that the next time a DC exec calls me a pirate for running something like the Before Watchmen art scoop. "I'm not a pirate, I'm Lois Lane, look…"

See how far it gets me.

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The Joker not only has got his face stitched back on in Harley Quinn: Futures End #1, but also gives us a bit of a scoop… from next month's solicitations…


Looks like this is really going to be a thing.

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Sinestro's future has a new team against him in Sinestro: Futures End #1.  And the ones that took him down at some point in the five year timeline…

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Hands down the best 3D motion cover, showing that nothing has changed at all for the GI Zombie between now and five years in the future, just continuing to punch out other zombies. Of course that infection seems to have spread, even if no other book aside from Star Spangled War Stories Starring GI Zombie: Futures End #1 has actually noticed. As we can see, everyone else is busy.

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Looks like DC accurately predicted that Scotland wouldn't leave the United Kingdom, with the Union Jack flying above a Red Lantern palace five years hence in Red Lanterns: Futures End #1…

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More time travel from Flash: Futures End #1, this time changing the future… so that's okay. And more, much more to come it seems. Time to start taking notes on a big chalk blackboard.

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Catwoman: Futures End shows the endplay of what's happening in Batman Eternal as Selina takes control of Gotham's crime families… but are we really going to have to wait this long, now that we know what's really going on?

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Prince Robot does his best Lying Cat in Saga. Not sure it's enough to get him on a T-shirt though. And he's wrong as well… and has he still got that baby on him?

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Because, as Bob's Burgers points out, you just can't trust a robot to carry something precious.

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Outcast turns from exorcism to an attempt for police brutality…

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Battlestar Galactica 1880 gives us a harsh cruel possessionless past….

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Justice Inc #2 there. And yes, we do know what you mean, as does Batman Eternal.

Batman Eternal #25 (2014) - Page 10

Ho ho.

A Voice In The Dark goes full colour… where appropriate of course. But will she take that instruction literally, it's not like you can just stick out a thumb and get a flying lift.

Splinter Cell #4 (9.24)

So glad none of those bullets even took a glancing blow on the helicopter, rupturing  fuel tank, the rotors, the screen or anything that might otherwise cause problems for this impromptu Splinter Cell commute…



I love a good ad. I love being sold be a good ad. I love changing my life by a good ad. Which is why I now have a windup electric lantern for the garden. Bee & Puppycat lives that life… I hate to be crabtastic too.


Bravest Warriors makes the classic case of mixing up the iPhone 6 with your taser. Though I hear there's a new taser app now as well, so you can have both on one device. So expect more and more scenes like this….


City on The Edge of Forever #4

City On The Edge Of Forever gets rather pedantic. Maybe "When did you go from Valcan to Bajoran" might have been a better snark. If they had come up with Bajorans back then. Or snark.


Empty Man #4 shows some driverly concern. Put remember kids, people don't kill people, cars kill people.


If you drive them like they do in Steed And Mrs Peel of course. Note, no sign of a seat belt…

G.I. Joe #1

G.I. Joe #1 dripping with sarcasm there. You know, if you want it to be. You could read it completely straight if you wanted. The Starship Troopers trick…

Ghostbusters #20

Ghostbusters confounds expectations. He really expected to be an amorphous green blog running around eating everything….

Sweet gate though, yes? Good work. Whereas down below…

Samurai Jack #12

Samurai Jack points out that it is always a good idea to trim your bush down below. Okay, we really need to raise the tone of things round here.

Rulers of Earth #16

Sadly this isn't that moment. As Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #16 gives us what the fans have always wanted. Full on robot/giant monster orgies.

But then Wayward stops us in our tracks. And the wacky fish-out-of-water action adventure culture clash comedy finds a new dimension to our leading lady.


So, no, wasn't expecting that one. Combined with everything else about the title, the new high school experience, the language differences, and exploring of a stranger world within a strange world, yeah, definitely the comic of the week.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics in London. With a Gerry Duggan signing today, and the continuing Scene & Heard exhibition.



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