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Archenemy: Skylan Brooks Talks Film, Love of DC, and Joe Manganiello
While the indie superhero film Archenemy explores some dark places, star Skylan Brooks provides the glimmer of hope to get things moving as Hamster, the sidekick of Max Fist, played by Joe Manganiello I spoke with Brooks about how Hamster fits into Max's paradigm, becoming his inspiration and drive to try to get his powers[...]
Archenemy: Director Adam Egypt Mortimer Talks Film’s Comic Influence
Along the way, he finds Hamster (Skylan Brooks), who takes to Max and the stories he tells, the enemies he's faced, and saving his world many times "I never stopped reading comic books from the time I was little until now," Mortimer said "I love comics, and I love what they do with superheroes I[...]
Archenemy: Joe Manganiello Shines in Grounded Superhero Tale
There are not random holy shit Final Destination-type surprises where people die cartoony deaths, but it's something that insists you take it seriously and read between the lines. Joe Manganiello as Max Fist and Skylan Brooks as Hamster in Archenemy (2020) Image courtesy of RLJE Films. Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer and co-written by Lucas Passmore, Archenemy[...]