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Slitherine & MGM Announce New PC Title Stargate: Timekeepers
Slitherine Games have partnered with MGM to announce a brand new Stargate strategy PC game called Stargate: Timekeepers The game will be a real-time-tactics game that will be developed by Warsaw-based Creative Forge Games, the same people behind games like Phantom Doctrine and Hard West The game will carry on the story of Stargate SG-1[...]
Apple Pulls Strategy Game Afghanistan '11 Due to Taliban Feature
Unfortunately, Apple has a very strict and, at time, very stupid policy, when it comes to who can and cannot be featured in any way/shape/form, and alerted publisher Slitherine that the game was pulled. Apple have just pulled Afghanistan '11 from the app store because its got "people from a specific government or other real entity as[...]