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He even had a Whomobile! He made the sonic screwdriver popular His fashion sense was also stylish He wore velvet suits with a cape like a dandy, a precursor to the New Romantics look that became popular in the 1980's His companion Jo Grant (Katy Manning) became the first companion who was overtly branded a[...]
Victor Pemberton
It was the last episode for Victoria (Deborah Watling), one of the Second Doctor's companions, and it introduced a major part of the lore…the Sonic Screwdriver The Doctor's most famous tool would appear a few more times with Troughton (in The Dominators and The War Games), but would become a regular item for both the[...]
Trailers For The Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Makings Of Hell Bent And A New Sonic…
Stay away for those who have not seen… can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Jenna Coleman looks back at the her time in the TARDIS – Doctor Who: Series 9 (2015) – BBC ( can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: A sneak peek of The Doctor's new Sonic Screwdriver – Doctor Who: Series 9 (2015)[...]
Your Unofficial Doctor Who Cheat Sheet
Study it over, so you know your Third Doctor from your Seventh Doctor and your Recorder from your Sonic Screwdriver. Infographic Created by   Are all your friends buzzing about this Saturday's 50th Anniversary of the Doctor and you're left scratching your head thinking "Doctor who"? Have you been watching since 2005 when Christopher Eccleston said[...]
Let's Take Spurious Guesses At What Is Coming For Doctor Who
Steven Moffat gets to tell that story – one year or two? And how will he pull a new lease of lives out of the hat for the Doctor? Will we have a season of foreboding? And yes, at some point, will he threaten to stick a sonic screwdriver up someone's arse and turn on the red settings? Also,[...]