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Doctor Who: Jo Martin Geeks Out Over Fugitive Doctor Action Figure

Character Options, the manufacturer of Doctor Who toys, released a Fugitive Doctor action figure - here's Jo Martin's reaction to seeing it.

British toymaker Character Option, who are behind the majority of Doctor Who toys in the UK, announced this week that they were at last releasing an online exclusive collector's edition action figure of The Fugitive Doctor, played by Jo Martin during Jodie Whittaker's second series back in 2020. They even released a video of Jo Martin, a longtime Doctor Who fan, geeking out over it. Bless.

Doctor Who: Jo Martin Geeks Out on Her Fugitive Doctor Action Figure
Image: YouTubbe Screencap

There are so many questions, like why wait four years to finally bring out this action figure? Jo Martin's Doctor is, like Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor, a figure full of lost potential. She only appeared in one full episode,  her introduction in "Fugitive of the Judoon", and too-brief cameos in "The Timeless Children", "Once, Upon Time" and "The Power of the Doctor" without ever getting any adventures of her own. At least McGann got to play the Doctor again in Big Finish audios – more audio stories than any other Doctor, in fact, and Martin will be playing the Fugitive Doctor in upcoming solo stories for Big Finish. She arrived in the series fully formed and could have carried an entire series on her own, and it's too bad we never got a Jo Martin Doctor Who series.

The action figure and accompanying TARDIS sell for £39.99 (US$50.87). There's only one problem: NO ONE CAN ORDER IT!! We heard reports all day that the Character Options website keeps crashing; when fans try to order the action figure, it appears to take their order, then crashes and tells them to order it again, and then it's sold out. If you're in the UK, you might be better off walking into a shop and buying it. I don't buy action figures, but my sociology student brain finds it interesting. I wonder if the scalpers get to it first and might have bots bomb the website to keep normal people from getting to order it so they can flip it for inflated prices on eBay. There's a whole universe of Doctor Who collectors out there that's a rabbit hole you probably don't want to fall into. The same happened with the Fourteenth Doctor sonic screwdrivers. EBay is full of scalpers selling it for up to $80 or $100. However, you can now buy the sonic screwdriver for pretty much retail price and sometimes with free shipping rather than pay an arm and a leg and your firstborn child for it if you just search on eBay – sellers in China seem to have a consignment of the sonics straight from the factory warehouse since the toys are all made in China in the first place.

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