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The Girl in the Fireplace is the focus of the next Doctor Who rewatch, courtesy of BBC.

Steven Moffat, Sophia Myles Join Next Doctor Who Lockdown Rewatch

Writer and former showrunner Steven Moffat and Sophia Myles, who played Reinette, will livetweet the rewatch event They also announced that Moffat has written a new bonus short, “Pompadour, featuring Reinette and Myles will reprise the role for the first time in 14 years.[caption id="attachment_1201544" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The Girl in the Fireplace is the focus[...]

The Evidence Is Piling Up – Will Sophia Myles Be Returning To Doctor Who?

Little Bleeder Nick Halliday has compiled a good number of indicators that Sophia Myles, who previously appeared as Reinette in The Girl in the Fireplace, will be making a return to Doctor Who There's no smoking gun here but you'll probably be able to smell the smoke.Here are Nick's puzzle pieces.Doctor Who is currently filming[...]