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And because it's Saturday, it's time to take a look at "So What The F**k Is The World Watching" as Rick and Morty sees a global boost over the past 24 hours and we imagine Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige has a pretty big smile on his face right about now. Images: ViacomCBS/Soulja Boy This time around, newbies[...]
rick and morty
To add an appropriate soundtrack to the weekend's celebration, producer-rapper Soulja Boy released a full audio track for "Rick & Morty," which was first teased during a Fortnite livestream is now available in full. Image: Screencap/Adult Swim You can check out the audio video below, but let's kick things off with a look at Soulja Boy himself[...]
A scene from WWE Monday Night Raw 6/22/20
WWE star Randy Orton took time out from vomiting motor oil while under the magickal influence of the demonic Alexa Bliss to feud with rapper Soulja Boy after the latter called wrestling the f-word Yes, "fake." Though it's Orton who would spar longest with Soulja Boy, it was Retribution's T-Bar who fired the first shot. There[...]
Soulja Boy Samples Zelda in Latest Single, Gets Grief For Failed Reference
In the latest round of "I Can't Believe I'm Still Writing About Soulja Boy in Gaming" News, the rapper has a new Zelda-themed single with poor references Last week, kinda under the radar, Soulja released a new single simply called "Zelda" in which he raps to the tune of the original 1985 NES The Legend[...]
SNL Takes Shots at Soulja Boy For His Gaming Fiasco
You know you've messed up proper when SNL not only pays attention, but they make it a focal point of Weekend Update–as Soulja Boy got to watch this weekend During the parody news segment, featured player Chris Redd came out as the hip-hop artist to chat with Update co-anchor and SNL co-head writer Michael Che[...]
Soulja Boy Releases Another Gaming Console That Looks Familiar
After all the issues Soulja Boy has with his last gaming endeavor, you'd think he'd be done with retro consoles for a while Nope! He's got a new one And if you think he learned his lesson about copyright infringement, you might not want to look at the photo below The new console is called the SouljaGame[...]
After Nintendo Threatens Lawsuit, Soulja Boy Removes Consoles From Stores
After a couple of days wondering what would happen to Soulja Boy's video game consoles, the products have been pulled after scrutiny from Nintendo For those unaware, the rapper released his own line of video game consoles, which included one filled with a number of sub-par emulated games, and another that looked almost exactly like the[...]
Nintendo is Rumored to Be Pursuing Legal Action Against Soulja Boy
If anyone should know anything about Nintendo, it's that no one is safe from being sued by the company, and that goes for Soulja Boy Who has already been in the news a couple times this week releasing his own game console with a ton of emulated games, and wanting to launch his own esports[...]
Soulja Boy Says He's Going to Launch His Own Esports Team
Looks like Soulja Boy is going in on gaming full-time as the word is out that he plans on launching his own esports team in the future The news comes to us from TMZ Sports, who caught up with the rapper where they usually catch up with everyone, at LAX getting to the horrible Delta gate,[...]
Soulja Boy Releases His Own Gaming Console, the SouljaGame
Would you like to buy a video game console that was funded and put out on the market by Soulja Boy called the SouljaGame? Of course, you do! Well, let's be honest, we don't know you that well But how often do you hear of a rapper putting their money behind a new gaming console?[...]