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Grendel, Kentucky: AWA Studios Previews Modern Beowulf Update
Now we have the Southern Gothic Horror graphic novel trade collection of Grendel, Kentucky by Jeff McComsey and Tommy Lee Edwards Yes, the AWA Studios previews extravaganza continues, as we present 5 titles out this week and next week from the publisher's list! AWA Studios has sent along with the cover and first pages of[...]
Pencil To Inks To Colors – Vampirella Southern Gothic #3
This week we see the release of Vampirella: Southern Gothic #3 by Nate Cosby and Jose Luis. The story synopsis: "Stranded in the Deep South and severely wounded from a mystical demon's blade, Vampirella must continue her quest to save her former lover's soul, protect an innocent child and not die in the process." Dynamite Entertainment is[...]