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"Space Channel 5 20th Anniversary Selection" Up For Pre-Order Now From iam8bit
Credit: Sega Love the smooth sounds of the Space Channel 5 soundtrack? You're going to want to pick up iam8bit's exclusive import, the Space Channel 5 20th Anniversary GyunGyun Selection album. For $39.99, you can preorder the album right now by way of iam8bit, which is the official anniversary CD with old tracks from the classic games[...]
Space Channel 5 Finally Coming to the U.S. as Kinda Funky News Flash
If you're not familiar with Space Channel 5, we don't really blame you The game was a Sega Dreamcast title that saw more popularity in Japan and was one of the most popular titles over there for the console at the time it was released There have been some "Special Edition" versions that THQ made[...]
Space Channel 5 Is Returning To VR At Tokyo Games Show (Sort Of)
Bust-a-Groove is one of my favorite games of all time, but Space Channel 5 also had a sweet place in my heart It was essentially simon says to a beat, but it had a great style and charm to it that really made it a winner. Well, the franchise has made an unlikely return with the[...]