Space Channel 5 Is Returning To VR At Tokyo Games Show (Sort Of)


I have a real thing for 90s rythem games. Bust-a-Groove is one of my favorite games of all time, but Space Channel 5 also had a sweet place in my heart. It was essentially simon says to a beat, but it had a great style and charm to it that really made it a winner.

Well, the franchise has made an unlikely return with the announcement that at Tokyo Games Show, people will be able to go to the HTC booth and see a new experience oddly named, Space Channel 5 Ukiuki Viewing Show. It doesn't actully seem to have much to it, as you will essentailly just be watching reports from Ulala with not much interaction, which is a little disappointing.

However, what this does do is remind the world that Space Channel 5 exists, and hopefully people who liked the series might drum up some noise. One day, if enough people want it, Sega might put out another full title…maybe…