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Captain Harlock #1 is An Introduction for Nostalgic and New Readers
Space Pirate Captain Harlock holds a special place for certain anime fans of the early 1980s Leiji Matsumoto's series was syndicated worldwide and gained an especially large cult following in France under its French title Captain Albator The quintessential space pirate captain who commands the only invincible ship in the galaxy that's the only holdout[...]
Space Pirate Captain Harlock: Ablaze Reveals Variant Covers for Comic
Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Leiji Matsumoto's classic space pirate hero, is getting a new official comic series not from Japan, but from US publisher ABLAZE this Summer The 1st issue launches in print and digital on June 9th ABLAZE is giving readers and fans another special sneak peek of cover reveals for Issue 2 A[...]
Our Summer of Science Fiction Movies – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh
It's a kind of fake rebellion movie since its attitude is still generally conservative at heart, as well as leached of any real political backbone. And finally, while it's not a theatrical release, the new Space Pirate Captain Harlock premiered on Netflix in the US and UK on August 1st, the same day Guardians of the[...]