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NASA Finds "Star Trek" Image On Mars, Your Move Lucasfilm
At some point, did we beam Star Trek episodes into space? Are there little green Trekkies running around on Mars? The great thing about new discoveries and images is how little we know and how much we can imagine. But you have to admit, this is pretty good PR for Star Trek I am willing to bet[...]
Apple TV+ Releases First Trailer for Ronald D. Moore's "For All Mankind" Series
Moore's (Battlestar Galactica, Outlander) upcoming Apple TV+ series For All Mankind to release later this year, and we just got our first trailer for it! Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon) stars, and will be joined by Sarah Jones, and Michael Dorman in the alternative space history series. Just LOOK at this shot of all the women! "What if the space[...]
First Trailer for Harrison Ford-Narrated 'Armstrong' Documentary Hits
If you are someone who LOVES learning about the great American Space Race and the astronauts who boldly went where no man had gone before, you need to check out Armstrong. A documentary about Neil Armstrong directed by David Fairehead is told through interviews, home footage, and Neil's own words (narrated by fellow pilot Harrison Ford), Armstrong has all[...]
'Archer: 1999": AI Malory? Robo-Krieger? Rock Monster Pam? Meet This Season's Crew [VIDEO]
With only a week to go before FXX's Archer: 1999 blast-offs with its May 29th premiere, the network is giving fans a first-look behind the scenes with the cast as they discuss the upcoming space-based season. Returning for its 10th season, Archer: 1999 features the voices of H Jon Benjamin as hard-drinking Captain Sterling Archer; Aisha Tyler as Archer's[...]
The Outer Worlds – Official Announcement Trailer
Hey! Do you like spaceships? How about giant monsters and laser guns? What? You only like trailers with Iggy Pop music? Well, strap yourself down, Sally! Obsidian just debuted the trailer for their brand-new space shoot-em-up, the Outer Worlds! Check out the trailer: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Outer Worlds – Official Announcement[...]
Mission Control Live: NASA InSight Mars Landing
We love NASA, we love space, we love JPL and all those wonderful men and women who are working towards exploration and understanding our universe. Here's what you need to know about NASA InSight ahead of the landing which should begin via the JPL livefeed around 11am PST: In mere hours, NASA's InSight spacecraft will complete its[...]
First Man: The Naked Singularity Within A National Mythos [Review]
So that's where First Man centers itself: firmly in the center of that point in history. [rwp-review-recap id="0"] Such stories are often captured with all their wide reach and all of the people in the picture, such as in the classic 1983 film The Right Stuff which encompasses the Mercury program which dawned the American space program[...]
Hulu's 'The First' Trailer: Sean Penn Heads to Mars in Beau Willimon's Sci-Fi Drama
Hulu With Beau Willimon's (House of Cards) new science fiction-drama The First readying for it's Friday, September 14th launch (all episodes) on Hulu, the streaming service has released the official trailer for the eight-episode series. Written by Willimon, the space exploration drama stars Sean Penn (Dead Man Walking, The Game) and Natascha McElhone (Ronin, Californication); is produced by Westward Productions, and co-financed by Hulu, Channel 4[...]
Joel Kinnaman, 2 Others Join Ron D. Moore's Space Series for Apple
Moore's new space series for Apple will be called, we do know that three new faces have been added to the cast. Sarah Jones, Michael DormanCredit, both: Kathy Hutchins / Sarah Jones, Michael Dorman, and Altered Carbon's Joel Kinnaman will be playing the three leads in the upcoming space series the Battlestar Galactica helmer is doing for Apple[...]