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Again (Switch) Kingdom Rush Frontiers (Switch) MouseCraft (Switch) Served! (Switch) Soul Axiom Rebooted (Switch) Voxelgram (Switch) Wanderlust Travel Stories (Switch) Credit: Bandai Namco February 28th Bloodroots (Switch) Bucket Knight (Switch, XB1) Depixtion (Switch) Ganbare! Super Strikers (Switch) LocO-SportS (Switch) Metro 2033 Redux (Switch) Metro Redux (Switch) Metro: Last Light Redux (Switch) One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows (XB1) Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XIV (PC, PS4) Stab! Stab! Stab! (Switch, XB1) Spartan Fist (Switch) March[...]
Bash, Bash, & Bash Some More With 'Spartan Fist' At PAX West
Another game I got to try out in the Indiecade area on the last day of PAX West was Spartan Fist Aside from the blocky pixel art to keep the game simplistic, the story behind it is pretty two-dimensional as well You're essentially in a big fighting tournament trying to obtain an item called the[...]