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Five Missing Titles From The Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary
We always love a good speedrun, and there's no better way to say goodbye to 2020 than with one of the hardest, Super Mario 602 For the uninitiated, you might be wondering what the hell Super Mario 602 is This is the nickname given to the speedrun of doing consecutive speedruns of all the Mario[...]
Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 Kicks Off Sunday
It is a speedrunner's delight This year marks the 10th anniversary of the series, which is saying something when it comes to retro gaming events This year for AGDQ, the company will be raising charity funds through Twitch and other donation resources for the Prevent Cancer Foundation The event has raised over$22 million for various[...]
New Speedrun World Record Set For Portal in Any % Category
For one speedrunner, 2018 got to end on a high note as they have set a new world record for the first Portal game on Any % Can't Even is a name you might be familiar with if you follow records for this particular game, as the Ohio-based player holds a number of world records in[...]
Watch The New World Record For The Blindfolded Super Mario World Speedrun
There's being great at speedrunning, there's being phenomenal at speedrunning, and then there's being a god at speedrunning We officially bow down to the mighty greatness that is Katun24 on Twitch for the impressive feat you can watch below First, it was already amazing to watch the secret to beating Super Mario World blindfolded once by[...]
So here's the thing: We've been doing a few posts on new speedrunner records for Prey this past week, along with our review As of the last post, we here at Bleeding Cool all kind of agreed that the records were getting ridiculous Before you start screaming at the top of your keyboard at us,[...]
Redemption Is Sweet For The Latest 120 Star Speed Record For 'Super Mario 64'
We previously talked about how the guy has constantly been busting his ass to beat the 1:40-minute mark in Super Mario 64 speedrunning, his last efforts sabotaged by a jerk who decided to spam his notifications and cost him precious seconds as he turned them off Lesson learned: Don't let anyone screw you out of what's[...]
New 'Breath Of The Wild' Speedrun Set For 100% Completion
So when it comes to The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, there's been two primary speedrun challenges: beating the game as quickly as possible after you just wake up, and beating the game after getting everything you possibly can at 100% complete The current record for the first was set a couple days[...]
The Insanity Of The "Sixth-Ever Best Of NES Big 20 Race" Is Something To Behold
The past weekend saw the Sixth-Ever Best of NES Big 20 Race take place on Twitch, featuring a who's who of NES streamers and professional speedrunners looking to claim mild internet glory The goal of the competition: to beat a series of classic NES titles the in the fastest time possible 20 players went head-to-head, streaming from[...]