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Scout Comics Promotes And Hires Staff Members
But for now: Richard Rivera, writer of Stabbity Bunny and publisher of Scout Comics Scoot imprint, is now also Scout Comics Co-Publisher along with existing Co-Publisher Charlie Stickney. Marcus Guillory, graphic designer with years of experience working in the real estate, education, and small business sectors, a former U.S Marine and two-time graduate of the Art Institute,[...]
Scout Comics Combine Print And Digital For "Comic Tags" Comics
Most graphic novels are priced between $14.99 and $29.99 each, but the first wave of Comic Tags have a retail price of $6.99 each. Comic Tags first wave of releases are currently at FOC this weekend from Lunar Distributors, with eight titles in total featuring The Mall, White Ash, Mindbender, Stabbity Bunny, It Eats What Feeds[...]
Stabbity Bunny's Richard Rivera Will Lead Scout's Scoo! Imprint. Credit: Scout
Now, Scout Comics has unveiled more information about Scoot! in a new announcement that names Richard Rivera, writer/creator of Stabbity Bunny, Shadow Play, and Storm Pirates, has come aboard as Associate Publisher, with Wayne Hall as Editorial Director. Stabbity Bunny's Richard Rivera Will Lead Scout's Scoo! Imprint Credit: Scout Comics In Scout's announcement of their Scoot! plans, Richard Rivera[...]
Scout Comics Launches New Young Adults Imprint, Scoot, in July
Lynn Smith SENGI AND TEMBO by Giuseppe Falco WILD BULL AND CHIPPER by Stabbity Bunny's Richard Rivera SOPHIA SATURN by K.J Kaminski and Ben Herrera SOULSTREAM by 15 year oldSaida Woolf. Scoot Presents 2020 will be published in May, everything else coming in July 2020, and beyond. Everyone seems to be launching Young Adult of kids imprints right now[...]
Stabbity Ever After Launches in Scout Comics September 2018 Solicits
Fantasy satire and spinoff comic book series Stabbity Bunny series Stabbity Ever After joins Source in launching from Scout Comics in September – alongside everything else they have out for the month. JAZZ LEGEND #5 JUL182117 (W) Jc Lacek (A) Vincent Dubourg After Martin is set adrift on the streets of Motocity from the fall out at the War Room[...]
the mall Scout Comics July 2018 Solicits
Plus, Jazz Legend, Zinnober, and Shiver Bureau continue their runs, and Stabbity Bunny is receiving its first collected edition Full details below. JAZZ LEGEND #3 Written by JC Lacek and Illustrated by Vincent Dubourg Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99 UPC: 85999000253800311 Motocity's jazz phenom Martin Comity has reached a tipping point with a mysterious new street drug aptly named New Blue[...]
Scout Comics June 2018 Solicits
Check out the series from Scout Comics. Stabbity Bunny, Welcome to Paradise, and Shiver Bureau continue their runs Check out the details from the June solicits below.   CYBER SPECTRE #2 CVR A GARZA APR181731 Delving deeper into the underworld of New Camden, Kiri discovers that her confidant, a man calling himself Zero-One, has more than his fair share of inner demons[...]
Lovecraft Meets Jazz- the Jazz Legend: Scout Comics May 2018 Solicits
(Be warned: not everyone makes it out of this one!) STABBITY BUNNY #5 Written by Richard Rivera and Illustrated by Dwayne Biddix Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99 Grace confronts a bully on the playground and then later must face an even greater threat on another plane with the fate of a soul hanging in the balance After school, it's[...]
Scout comics
This is in addition to their continued series Stabbity Bunny, Long Lost, Shiver Bureau, and more Read the details below. LONG LOST #5 Written by Matthew Erman and Illustrated by Lisa Sterle Piper and Frances' are shocked at Joanna's & Jody's revelation The girls must hold firm their grip on reality as they wrap their heads around the illness that has[...]
Shiver Bureau And The Continuation Of Stabbity Bunny: Scout February 2018 Solicits
Plus, Stabbity Bunny, the series by Richard Rivera and Dwayne Biddix, continues with its 2nd issue. GHOSTS OF HIROSHIMA #3 (W) Jim Krueger, Luigi Borillo (A) Alberto Rios, Zach Brunner (CA) Luigi Borillo Gabriel is now convinced that the men searching for the secrets of his former mentor's experiments are no men at all[...]
stabbity bunny
Stabbity Bunny, previously a self-published venture by Richard Rivera and Dwayne Biddix, has been picked up by Scout Comics Its first issue is getting its first Scout release on January 31st, 2017 It tells the story of a kidnapped girl who is watched over by her stuffed animal, Stabbity Bunny. Also featured is the supernatural title, Ghosts of Hiroshima, whose second[...]