Steve Bissette on Selling Comics in a No-Longer-United States Of America

Steve Bissette on Selling Comics in a No-Longer-United States Of America

Steve Bissette is a comics writer, artist, editor, and publisher, best known for his work on Swamp Thing, publishing and editing Taboo, and creating Tyrant. He's seen and done it all. And he has also seen something coming down the tracks, changes to sales tax in the USA and how it is going to affect […]


Forgotten X-Men, Marvel Classic Stamps, Stickers and Mini-Comics For 2020

18, 2020, $12.99, Pages: 128, The X-Men were the breakout stars of the 1990s - and, not content with their own titles, they also stole the show with highly animated all-ages adventures in the pages of SPIDER-MAN MAGAZINE! Now, these rarely seen tales are collected for the very first time! Join the X-Men's most iconic[...]

Batman 75th Anniversary Stamp Ceremony Photos – Updated With Story

Hosted by Ralph Garman and the panelists of Jim Cochrane Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President of USPS, Greg Breeding Art Director of USPS and the Co-Publishers of DC Comics Dan Didio and Jim Lee.The panelists discussed the history of Batman and made the official announcement that Batman is in fact a stamp collector,[...]

British Comics On The Stamps Go On Sale Tomorrow

As Bleeding Cool previously reported, the British Royal Mail are releasing ten first class stamps, each celebrating a comic book character and the comic they appeared in, from Judge Dredd to Dan Dare to Dennis The Menace to Beryl The Peril.Wherever you live, you can order the stamps in a variety of presentation formats, here.[...]

Put A Pixar On Your Package With USPS Toon-Toned Stamps – HI-RES UPDATE

My favourite stamps of all time were probably a series of plain, simple Sesame Street ones from Fiji Having said that, I have very little awareness of stamps and really have to have them brought to my attention in order to even recall that they exist (I'm not that kind of nerd).Thanks, then, to Slashfilm[...]

Tuesday Runaround – Captain America For War Veterans

StampWatch: From 1995… GimpWatch: Hustler covers the release of Secret Identity: The Fetish Art Of Superman Co-Creator Joe Shuster. (NSFW) CosplayWithAPurposeWatch: Allen Mullins is travelling from state to state dressed as Captain America to raise the awareness of homelessness and poverty amongst American war veterans. SharkWatch: The Discovery Channel is starting to PR it's announced-a-while-ago […]

US Postage Stamps – Archie, Garfield And More

The USPS has released details of new postage stamp issues through 2010. These include the Sunday Funnies set, including Beetle Bailey, Calvin And Hobbes, Archie, Garfield and Dennis The Menace. In addition, there is a stamp celebrating the work of wartime enlisted cartoonist Bill Maudlin, whose cartoons about army life, Willie and Joe enducated the […]