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Star Trek Timelines Receives Discovery & Holiday Content
Tilting Point has released a new update today for Star Trek Timelines as players have new content revolving around Season Four of Discovery From now until December 31st, there will be a few new things you can take part of in the game as they celebrate the return of the Paramount+ series This new content[...]
Star Trek Timelines Celebrates 55th Anniversary With Spock's Pet
Tilting Point is celebrating the 55th anniversary of Star Trek inside Star Trek Timelines with one of the weirdest references ever Some younger fans of the franchise may not realize that before Lower Decks existed, there was once an animated series from the '70s featuring most of the cast from The Original Series There weren't[...]
Star Trek Online First Contact Day Statue
Completing these events will unlock the Grand Prize – the Martian Mining Laser. Star Trek Timelines Kicking off April 5 and running through April 19, all Star Trek Timelines players will be able to claim a Free 5 Star Behold Pack, guaranteeing them one 5 Star crew to choose between Phoenix Cochrane, Satin Dress Lily Sloane, and[...]
Star Trek Timelines Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary
Tilting Point released details today about celebrations happening for the fifth anniversary of Star Trek Timelines The game has been running strong for a good five years now and has a pretty strong following So to reward all the people who have been keeping the game going this entire time, there's a fun bonus coming[...]
Tilting Point Acquires "Star Trek Timelines" From Disruptor Beam
In mobile news today, Tilting Point has acquired the game Star Trek Timelines from Disruptor Beam, taking over the collection RPG title DB is going to be moving on to work on Disruptor Engine, a platform to support the live operations of free-to-play games Meanwhile, TP has formed a new studio called Wicked Realm Games,[...]