Star Trek Timelines Celebrates 55th Anniversary With Spock's Pet

Tilting Point is celebrating the 55th anniversary of Star Trek inside Star Trek Timelines with one of the weirdest references ever. Some younger fans of the franchise may not realize that before Lower Decks existed, there was once an animated series from the '70s featuring most of the cast from The Original Series. There weren't a lot of episodes made of it, mainly because it relied on stock footage of previously animated sections and a ton of weird script work to make Star Trek work in an animated Saturday morning cartoon format. All of which are topics we don't have time to get into in this one post. But what we can speak to is the episode "Yesteryear".

During that episode, we are introduced to a younger Spock and his faithful pet, I-Chaya. Well, now you too can experience this in the game. Beginning today and running through September 22nd, Star Trek Timelines players both old and new will have the opportunity to receive Young Spock and I-Chaya as a free giveaway and will have a chance to gain additional copies by participating in special activities.

A look at Young Spock and I-Chaya in Star Trek Timelines, courtesy of Tilting Point.
A look at Young Spock and I-Chaya in Star Trek Timelines, courtesy of Tilting Point.

This one is probably the funniest and weirdest one they could put into the bunch as this is regarded as not just one of the worst episodes of the original Animated Series, but one of the worst episodes of Star Trek ever. And because of those facts, the episode lives in infamy in the minds and hearts of old-school fans. So it seems only fitting that at some point in time, that premise that those characters would eventually be celebrated. Enjoy picking up your free copies of them and enjoying the festivities throughout this anniversary.

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