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Star Trek Timelines & Star Trek Online Celebrate First Contact Day

As part of First Contact Day, two different Star Trek games will be celebrating the festivities in their own way for players to get in on. If you're not familiar with the day, it celebrates the fictional first interaction between humans and Vulcans on April 5, 2063, within their universe's version of Earth. An achievement that we're pretty sure, if Vulcans exist, we won't see in real life. But we can have fun with it as we have the details of what both games have planned below.

Oh, Zefram Cochrane, if you only knew what was out there. Oh wait, you do! ...Temporal mechanics. Courtesy of Perfect World Entertainment.
Oh, Zefram Cochrane, if you only knew what was out there. Oh wait, you do! …Temporal mechanics. Courtesy of Perfect World Entertainment.

Star Trek Online

Over in the Final Frontier, Star Trek Online is kicking off First Contact Day. From now through April 22, both PC and console players can participate in three events to celebrate this momentous holiday. Captains will travel to the events of the First Contact Day film with Seven of Nine (voiced by Jeri Ryan) to stop the Borg, participate in a recreation of the Synth attack on Mars (from Star Trek: Picard), or travel to the First Contact Museum and complete a replica of the Phoenix, mankind's first warp-capable ship. Completing these events will unlock the Grand Prize – the Martian Mining Laser.

Star Trek Timelines

Kicking off April 5 and running through April 19, all Star Trek Timelines players will be able to claim a Free 5 Star Behold Pack, guaranteeing them one 5 Star crew to choose between Phoenix Cochrane, Satin Dress Lily Sloane, and C.O.P Founder Picard. The celebration also includes:

  • April Fools Whale Crew (George and Gracie) (April 1 – April 15) – Players who complete an in-game limited-time-only achievement will earn a three-star crew:  George and Gracie, the famous Humpback Whales saved by Kirk and Spock in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  • $1 Monthly Card for new players (April 1- April 13) – New players who install and play. Star Trek Timelines will be offered a $1 monthly card ($4 value), granting them 100 daily Dilithium for 30 days

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