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Pins, Patches, And Pies…The Archive Party 3 At Star Wars Celebration

The Chive Cast held their Celebration shindig Thursday night at the Hyatt, and boy was it a blast. For those of you who don't know, The Chive Cast is a monthly Star Wars Collecting podcast that defys most descriptions. One part a look back at figures from the original Kenner Star Wars line, they also […]

Heading To Star Wars Celebration This Week? Here Are Some Events And Swag You Can Get!

Their booth numbers are: DCSWCC – Booth 2053 OSWCC – Booth 2054 PSWCS – Booth 2055 SWGFA – Booth 1112 ESSWCC – Booth 2153 ISCOMM - Booth 2052Collectors' Podcasts Star Wars collecting podcasts are once again joining forces to give away a six-patch set to honor the First 12 vintage Kenner figures. Jedi Business (, Jedi News (, Jedi Temple Archives (, Star[...]