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Stardock Announces Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova
Stardock revealed a brand new game this morning as they continue a sci-fi franchise with the latest incarnation, Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova Building on what the company has already set with the 4X strategy and simulation series, this latest incarnation will throw you into the leadership role of a new civilization soaring in space, as[...]
Sins Of A Solar Empire 2 Officially Announced
Indie developer and publisher Stardock has released a new update for Sins Of A Solar Empire 2 as the game is still in Early Access  This particular update adds the TEC Rebel faction, a much-needed addition to the system as you are now able to play as a totally new group to change things up[...]
Stardock Announces Next Entry In Series With Galactic Civilizations IV
Stardock announced today they will finally be releasing Galactic Civilizations IV, as the game is set to come out later this month The company dropped a ton of new info about the game along with a brand new trailer we have for you down at the bottom, as the game is currently set to be[...]
Star Control: Origins Taken Down From Purchase Due to Legal Issues
Star Control: Origins has been taken down from Steam, GOG, and other sites due to a legal battle between Stardock and the series creators The heart of the matter stems from creators Fred Ford and Paul Reiche claiming that Stardock was preventing them from working on their own creation, to which the company's founder Brad Wardell[...]
Star Control: Origins has a Release Date and E3 World Premiere Trailer
Stardock gave Star Control: Origins it's World Premier trailer at the PC Gaming Show at E3, which included some never-before-seen gameplay and a release date. Star Control: Origins is an upcoming strategy video game designed for the Windows 10 system, though a console release will follow after a short delay The game is intended to be an[...]
Star Control Rights Debacle Continues with a New Countersuit from the Original Devs
As part of the legal kerfuffle over the rights to Star Control, a battle that has been raging since December, the game's original developers, Paul Reiche and Fred Ford, are filing a countersuit against Brad Wardell and Stardock The question at the hart of the mess of suits and counterclaims should be relatively straightforward: who owns Star Control? Both Reiche[...]
Stardock Systems To Launch A New Line Of Comic Books
Software manufacturer Stardock Systems, based in Plymouth, Michigan, are looking to launch a new line of comic books. They are probably best known amongst Bleeding Cool readers for their strategy games, Galactic Civilizations, Sins of a Solar Empire, Fallen Enchantress and Elemental But now they are branching out They have applied to register the trademarks Singularity Universe[...]