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Skyrim VR
It is a really weird experience to be seasick on dry land in my own apartment, let me tell you." And if that wasn't enough, the stress of tracking the game through some really terrible graphics led to some pretty serious eyestrain. Hopefully the motion tracking will be better with a full PC VR rig so you[...]
Planet of the Apes is Getting a VR Game in April
Hopefully, we'll learn more about the actual plot to the game before its released on April 3rd for PSVR, Steam VR, and Oculus Rift. credit//20th Century Fox Five years since its outbreak, the Simian Flu has wiped out half of humanity and left other primates…evolved Now at the crossroads of two species' destinies, you are an ape with[...]
Mighty Monster Mayhem Is Exactly What You Think It Is
"Todd"). Climb buildings, throw objects, and monster-punch things! Wreck everything in sight, earn a high score, and climb tall buildings (along with the leaderboards). Mighty Monster Mayhem will be available on Steam VR/HTC Vive on Thursday, April 20 for $8.99 – 40% off the game's retail price The sale will end a week after launch (April 27)[...]