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Winx Club: Netflix Plans Live-Action Adaptation of Italian Animated Series
That's right, for the first time the six fairies — Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Aisha and Tecna — will take the form of real teenagers as they learn to control their powers while attending a magic boarding school To put it in basic "elevator pitch" speak, think of it as Tinkerbell by way of Hogwarts. Straffi[...]
A BC October: Tales From Terror-Vision! 'Saturday Night Dead' (1984-1990)
From totally-not-objective sports reporters slobbering praise over the Phillies while dodging "ba-ba-booey" calls; to Sunday morning political talk, where at least once a month you're guaranteed to hear at least one person advocate for Philly seceding from the rest of Pennsylvania, local programming always gives you a uniquely real look at everyday life. But no one[...]