Stellan Skarsgård

Diego Luna is set to star in the upcoming Rogue One prequel series, courtesy of Disney.

Stellan Skarsgard and Kyle Soller Reportedly Join Rogue One Series

Stellan Skarsgard (Chernobyl) and Kyle Soller (Brexit) are signing up to join Diego Luna (Narcos) when he reprises his role as Rebel Alliance officer Cassian Andor in the upcoming Disney+ Rogue One prequel series. Though representatives from Disney declined to confirm Variety's reporting, the two actors are reportedly in final negotiations for undisclosed roles. Original […]

“Dune”: 1984 Star Kyle MacLachlan Talks 2020 Remake

"Dune": 1984 Star Kyle MacLachlan Talks 2020 Remake

The 2020 Warner Bros film stars Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Fergusson, Dave Bautista, Stellan Skarsgård, Zendaya, Charlotte Rampling, Josh Brolin, and David Dastmalchian.Dune comes to theaters on December 18th. Actor Kyle MacLachlan and director/writer David Lynch have a long history together working on classics like Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, and Dune With interest peaking in[...]

Daily 'Dune': Stellan Skarsgård's Baron Harkonnen Will Have a Fat Suit

Daily 'Dune': Stellan Skarsgård's Baron Harkonnen Will Have a Fat Suit

Pictures adaptation of Frank Herbert's seminal science fiction work Dune just got answered.We're speaking of course about Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, who will be played in Denis Villeneuve's Dune by Stellan Skarsgård, and what kind of physique he'll be sportin'.[caption id="attachment_1028643" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Stellan SkarsgårdPhoto by magicinfoto /[/caption]In the Dune source material, the Baron is grossly fat, upwards of[...]

Vikings's Michael Hirst Adapting De Niro/Reno Spy Thriller Ronin to Series

The men, Spence (Sean Bean), Larry (Skipp Sudduth), Gregor (Stellan Skarsgård), Vincent (Jean Reno) and Sam (Robert De Niro), are all former Special Forces soldiers or intelligence operatives now working as mercenaries The team are planning to attack a heavily-armed convoy and steal a suitcase, its contents unknown..."Sharon Remmer (The Man in the High Castle, Medici:[...]

A Possessed Thor Laughs About The Mind Stone In Age Of Ultron Alternate Scene

Marvel released another version of Thor's swim in the Norn cave from Avengers: Age of Ultron. It features a conversation between Erik Selvig and a creature possessing Thor. [youtube][/youtube] I can't decide which version delivers the information better, or if it was truly necessary for the film to contain an explanation of the Infinity stones. […]

Kenneth Branagh Brings His Vision To A Classic Tale

But, as in all good fairy tales, help is at hand, and a kindly beggar woman (Helena Bonham-Carter) steps forward and -- armed with a pumpkin and a few mice -- changes Cinderella's life forever The film is directed by Kenneth Branagh and you can see some of the touches he adds to his films including[...]

Thor: The Dark World — The Bleeding Cool Review

And immeasurably evil elves from a Dark Matter universe shouldn’t have laser guns that go ‘pew pew.’ In fairness, their mini black-hole hand grenades have vaulted to the top of my personal Top 10 Sci Fi Weapons chart.There’s a subplot involving Kat Denning — who I think we can all agree is always entirely welcome[...]

Full Trailer For Medieval Adventure The Physician

The Physician may prove to be a brilliant demonstration of this.But I think that beloved character actors like Ben Kingsley and Stellan Skarsgård will help bring some attention to the film, and the following handsome, adventurous trailer certainly shouldn't scare anybody away.The internet is international, and surprising things can certainly hop borders from time to[...]

Official Blurb For Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac

With pre-sales about to get rolling at the EFM in Berlin, Zentropa have issued an official blurb for Lars Von Trier's quasi-pornographic Nymphomaniac. It's written as, more or less, a front line commercial for an unmade film, devised to draw in potential distributors. Here it is in full: Nymphomaniac is the light and poetic story […]

Stellan Skarsgard To Reprise His Thor Role In The Avengers

It's hard to know how and why a minor character in one Marvel movie would turn up in another, but I suppose it's already been true of Agent Coulson. Next up for the inter-picture shuffle is Dr. Selvig (aka Andrews), the character played by Stellan Skarsgard in Thor, and as we know now, The Avengers […]

Lars Von Trier's Sci-Fi Film Melancholia Is Filming, Cast Revealed

Taking time off from the shoot, Lars von Trier yesterday held a press conference to announce the start of production on his sci-fi drama Melancholia.The full roster of cast was revealed and included surprise additions Kirsten Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland, and Charlotte Rampling alonsgide Charlotte Gainsbourg, John Hurt, Alexander Skarsgård, Stellan Skarsgård, Jesper Christensen, Udo Kier, Brady[...]