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Star Trek: Year Five #12 Review:  Warp Factor “Holy Crap"
Starting off with one of those classic Kirk fight scenes normally accompanied by pounding horn stabs, certain doom is the only item on the agenda to protect the timeline from something Kirk can't even fathom. The cover of Star Trek: Year Five #12 published by IDW Publishing with the creative team of Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Kieran[...]
REVIEW: Star Trek Year Five #8
(IDW Publishing, creative team: Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Stephen Thompson, Charlie Kirchoff, Neil Uyetake) There is a whole lot happening in this issue, with thrilling spaceborne action, well-earned emotional payoffs for things that have bee developed through previous issues As this storyline draws nearer to the circumstances of the 1979 motion picture, you can see the[...]
black panther and the crew
The flashback work of Mack Chater and Stephen Thompson compliments Guice's artwork very well, and the styles do not feel incongruous at all. As always, I recommend this comic and will continue to bang my drum about how Marvel should not have cancelled Black Panther and the Crew after two issues and minimal sales figures to[...]
Sci-Fi Crime Drama Satellite Falling Releasing From IDW This May
From IDW Publishing comes Satellite Falling, written by Steve Horton, with art by, Stephen Thompson The story follows a lone human bounty hunter who jettisoned off her home planet after losing the love of her life, and now resides on a satellite spaceport full of aliens Life, as she knows it, is about to take[...]
Ariel Olivetti Steps Away From One Hit Wonder And Is Replaced By…
Well, today Sapolsky went to his blog to tell us who the new artist is, Stephen Thompson, and how he was found. If you read the Diamond solicitations or issue #2, you now know that Ariel Olivetti is no longer drawing the interiors of our series We knew, early on, that Ariel's schedule would make it[...]