Sci-Fi Crime Drama Satellite Falling Releasing From IDW This May

A new creator owned project has just been announced…and the genre is pretty cool. From IDW Publishing comes Satellite Falling, written by Steve Horton, with art by, Stephen Thompson. The story follows a lone human bounty hunter who jettisoned off her home planet after losing the love of her life, and now resides on a satellite spaceport full of aliens. Life, as she knows it, is about to take a turn for the surreal.

In Satellite Falling, Horton intends to explore similar themes he has tackled on past projects, but bringing those concepts to a more cosmic atmosphere.

He promises:

"kick-ass heroines, wall-to-wall action, weird-ass dialogue, and amazing artwork."

And while the book marks Stephen Thompson's creator-owned debut, he feels incredibly honored to be part of the project. He spoke about the project by saying:

"…the idea of a single human working as a bounty hunter in a place otherwise inhabited entirely by aliens, haunted by her lost love was too good to pass up."

I'm happy to see some creator owned projects coming from IDW. I tend to gravitate towards creator-owned works due to the fact that you can almost guarantee a sense of deep rooted passion in the pages. Satellite Falling seems like it's going to be an interesting read…and would you look at that cover? I sure wouldn't want to mess with her! Keep your eyes peeled for Satellite Falling this May.