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We're Getting a 'The Meg' Sequel, Possible Theme Park in China
This of course gives >this< writer pause, as a fan of the source material novels by Steve Alten, considering what happens to the TWO THEME PARKS MENTIONED IN THE SERIES. The Meg director John Turteltaub joked about the film, saying "we were being laughed at by a lot of people for making this movie[...]
This reviewer has been waiting [impatiently] for the film adaptation of Steve Alten's novel "The Meg" for many, many years Perhaps you'll recall that Disney had actually optioned the title as far back as the 90's, and it's been sitting at the bottom of the development-hell ocean for decades. Imagine my absolute delight when word came[...]
'The Meg' Was Gonna Be WAAAAAY Bloodier Than P3-13 Allows
prehistoric shark film The Meg is going to try to take a bite out of the summer box office this weekend, and the biggest critique we're hearing is the lack of blood in the water. If you were unaware, The Meg is based on a series of books by Steve Alten, and the journey of getting the film[...]
'The Meg' Takes a Bite with New International Trailer and Poster
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE giant shark movies, and am a fan of the original The Meg books by author Steve Alten, so this summer aquatic blockbuster is right up my alley. A new international trailer for The Meg hit, as well as a new poster, detailing the incredible size of carcharodon megalodon: The official synopsis for the film, directed[...]