Steve Horton

Joe Quesada on Why Newsstand Business Was Dreadful, Catering to Hardcore Fans

In one notable thread, Quesada reveals his philosophy on who Marvel should cater to (hardcore fans) and whether or not the fondly remembered days of the newsstands were as rosy as people remember (he says they were not).It started with a question from Comic Book Addicts about the possibility of Marvel returning to the glory days[...]

Sci-Fi Crime Drama Satellite Falling Releasing From IDW This May

From IDW Publishing comes Satellite Falling, written by Steve Horton, with art by, Stephen Thompson The story follows a lone human bounty hunter who jettisoned off her home planet after losing the love of her life, and now resides on a satellite spaceport full of aliens Life, as she knows it, is about to take[...]

Books That Found Me at NYCC – Afterlife With Archie, Amala's Blade, Roller Grrrls, Madefire Sketchbooks, Magic Words, Dogs of War, Forces of Nature, The New Crusaders and The Fox, Disenchanted

You’ll never see Archie the same way again, that’s for sure, but it’s a revolution well worth seeking out.Amala’s Blade by Steve Horton and Michael Dialynas, from Dark HorseI always meant to read Amala’s Blade, but it just kept slipping under my radar in the rush of other work to do and other comics to[...]

Steampunk Sword Orphan Cult Assassins – A Look at Amala's Blade

This February, Dark Horse Presents will kick off a brand-new feature, Amala’s Blade, from writer Steve Horton and artist Michael Dialynas I had a chance to catch up with the duo, and here’s how that conversation went down.Where did the idea come from - did one of you come up with it, pitch it to[...]