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Wonder Woman #52 cover by David Yardin
Diana and Aztek go to her before searching for Atalanta and Tezcatlipoca. Wonder Woman #52 cover by David Yardin I oddly appreciate Steven Orlando's willingness to use Aztek as much as he's able This is probably because, if I wrote a DC comic, I would inject Hawk and Dove at every available turn. Whatever the reason, this is[...]
Justice League of America #22 cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson
Daniel Henriques' inking stands out strongly too. I've had mixed feelings about Steven Orlando's Justice League of America run It has an awesome cast and has made use of great League villains, but the dialogue and plotting hasn't been where it should be With #22, it's swung back into my good graces, and this arc looks[...]
Sandman #1 Review- Another Great Tribute To The King
Thankfully, a mysterious hero aids them in their task, but who is he? What did he come here for? The second tale, by Steven Orlando and Rick Leonardi, is of a man who returns home for the funeral of his grandfather His guilt-ridden nightmares plague him, but there is one memory that could bring him from[...]