Justice League of America #22 Review: Frost Makes a Wish

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Frost is visited in a dream by an unknown force. It shows her a future wherein her powers bring the world to a heat death and promises to remove her powers. Caitlin accepts that offer, and she no longer suffers from her illness. The rest of the Justice League of America are less-than-thrilled, fearing that Frost just unleashed a powerful force onto the world. Unfortunately, she may have.

Justice League of America #22 cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson
Justice League of America #22 cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson

Justice League of America #22 focuses primarily on Frost as she copes with the consequences of her actions. Things spiral out of control very quickly, and the team suffers the consequences in spades.

I would talk of the villain, but I don't think the identity has been properly revealed outside of hints dropped here and there, especially in Justice League of America Annual #1. I will just say that it is an awesome return, and this character is represented in a decidedly intimidating yet captivating manner.

Vixen has the most spotlight outside of Caitlin Snow, and Mari has one of the most badass moments a DC character has been granted in some time. She takes charge and fights harder than anyone else on the team. It's the biggest "hell yeah" moment a comic has given me in a couple of months.

Neil Edwards' artwork on this issue is fantastic. The costumes look great, and the skillful use of body language to convey emotion stood out greatly. There are a lot of silent moments with Frost that are made quite powerful simply by the way she is carrying herself. Plus, the villain looks appropriately garish and regal all at once. This is bolstered by Hi-Fi's color art, which is as bright and dazzling as a comic like this should be. Daniel Henriques' inking stands out strongly too.

I've had mixed feelings about Steven Orlando's Justice League of America run. It has an awesome cast and has made use of great League villains, but the dialogue and plotting hasn't been where it should be. With #22, it's swung back into my good graces, and this arc looks very promising. This one gets a recommendation. Check it out.

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