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Earlier this week, Cartoon Network premiered Steven Universe: The Movie and after years of following the adventures of Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems, my expectations for this movie were pretty high – and it certainly did not disappoint. As an objective viewer, was it perfect? No, it treaded some pretty familiar territory and at times[...]
"Steven Universe: The Movie" Adds Big Name Music
Perhaps that is not news to you, but to me? I'm getting my ticket as soon as they go on sale, and I'm stocking up on tissues. Steven Universe: The Movie has added a pretty solid list of musical guests to the upcoming film's sountrack, including Estelle (who voices Garnet, one of the Crystal Gems), Chance[...]
The popular Cartoon Network show is getting a movie, that's true, accurately titled Steven Universe: The Movie According to a teaser released at San Diego Comic-Con, however, it won't be playing in theaters Instead, Steven Universe: The Movie will be "coming soon" to the Cartoon Network. Even so, the teaser has always racked up more than 100,000[...]