Turtles XTREME! Kevin Eastman's Concept Art For Unmade 4th Turtle Movie

Or why Eastman felt the need to draw on her nipples.Most interesting of these sketches, though, is the one that appears to be a storyboard.Someone is standing in Vitruvian Man position, surrounded by energy, with the Turtles hanging on to this figure and each other, and April, who presumably isn't evil anymore, for dear life.Look[...]

Lawmaster Chase Storyboard From The New Dredd Movie

Storyboard artist Frederick Mpuuga has shared one page of his storyboard work from the upcoming Judge Dredd movie, Dredd He's called it a "car chase" but as you'll see, Lawmaster bikes are involved.This comes from very early in the film, as the Judges head to Peach Trees Block where a good 85% of the film,[...]