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stranger things 3
There was discussion of Super Sentai conventions: the "Super Sentai" genre is Japan's version of the 'superhero team,' now known in the West as Power Rangers We would treat the kids in Stranger Things as a superhero team, but we wouldn't give them costumes There were more than enough action, suspense, and horror moments in[...]
Super Sentai Madness Shout TV
They are running a bracket-style villain tournament in the form of marathons of Super Sentai, the inspiration if you will for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fans will have the opportunity to vote to see which villains move on in the match-ups, ultimately choosing an overall winner Witch Bandora of Zyuranger, Emperor Bacchus Wrath of Ohranger,[...]
The Boys Are Becoming Power Rangers At Last With FFXV's July Update
Gamerant is reporting that Square Enix plans to release the suits as part of the game's July update. The suits were originally going to hit earlier this year, but had to be re-designed because they resembled the Super Sentai/ Power Rangers suits too closely. For the uninitiated, Super Sentai is the Japanese series that was eventually brought[...]
Lauren Looks Back: The '70s Japanese Spider-Man TV Show
This would lead to the Super Sentai series incorporating giant robots from then on. Spider-Man only lasted a year, but Marvel had a three-year deal with Toei The venture thus gave us Battle Fever J, Denshi Sentai Denjiman, and Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan. You can actually watch the show online, so if you haven't seen it, I[...]