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Guardians Of The Galaxy #14 Review: Big Trouble
Likewise, the perhaps "second string" squad of Phyla-Vell (from another universe), Super Skrull, Drax, Quasar, and Marvel Boy face of a gigantic threat in the thrall of a group of bloodthirsty cultists All of these grandiose concepts were presented visually with great clarity and skill by Juan Frigeri, Fererico Blee, and Cory Petit who likewise[...]
The Fantastic Four Go Cosmic as Galactus Approaches [Review]
In Part 2 of this review segment will be looking at Silver Surfer, Galactus, and Super Skrull All of these characters are commons and can be found in store now. There are 14 Funko Pop Fantastic Four figures that have been released Three are retailer exclusives and one is a specialty series that can be found[...]