The Fantastic Four Go Cosmic as Galactus Approaches [Review]

Continuing our ongoing coverage of the newest Fantastic Four Funko Pop vinyl figures we are looking to the stars and going cosmic. There is one remastered Funko in this line and two new characters will be Pop first. In Part 2 of this review segment will be looking at Silver Surfer, Galactus, and Super Skrull. All of these characters are commons and can be found in store now.

There are 14 Funko Pop Fantastic Four figures that have been released. Three are retailer exclusives and one is a specialty series that can be found at local comic shops. We do have two of the retailer exclusives in our possession, as well as all of the common releases. We have split our Fantastic Four review into FOUR parts, the first one is The Family, the second is Cosmic Beings, third is Earth in the last one we have is Exclusives. This way you can look at the figures you want with that being lost with all of the releases in this wave.


First off we're gonna take a look at the Cosmic Herald of Galactus; Silver Surfer. This is his second release, which makes me question if his older Funk Pop will go down in value. It is not uncommon for older Funko Pops to go down in value once a new or updated version goes live. We saw this when the Walmart exclusive Martian Manhunter got released. The Silver Surfer's box is no different than the rest. Just like the first four we saw, the Fantastic Four logo is present inside as a background.

This figure itself is a pretty great addition to the Fantastic Four line. There's a rich history between the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four and I'm glad we got another. He does have a stand already attached to his silver board. He is quite simplistic and nothing really stands out about this figure but is a must have for a Silver Surfer fan. Kind of like Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Girl he is quite simplistic and that's what really makes this a great Funko Pop.

Next, we have the almighty and hungry entity; Galactus. Now, this is a figure I'm glad that Funko made and it was one of the first ones I saw in a store. Just like the rest of the Fantastic Four wave, his box is pretty simple nothing special about it.

Galactus is an awesome figure! You won't hear me say this often but this is one Funko Pop that deserves a 10-inch figure. I really love the color scheme and the design of this character and is quite lighter than you expect. There's not a lot of details on his head but there are some etchings of his helmet. His body armor is mostly blue with remnants of purple throughout it and it definitely shines from the other characters in this wave. This is a cool figure all around and I'm glad he made it in the first wave of the Fantastic Four release.

Our final character for the cosmic beings of the Fantastic Four Funko Pop review is the Four's sworn enemy Super Skrull. The Super Skrull does have all four of their powers of the FF and Funko definitely made light of this with their figure. There is nothing special about this box either but it would have been a cool idea to have the comic book issue number that some of these characters did appear in. That would not only be an amazing little Easter egg but a nod to all the comic fans out there.

The Super Skull Funko Pop itself is very well-designed. The mold of his head is pretty nice and the green definitely shines with his purple outfit. I do love that they went into detail on each part of his body showcasing the Fantastic Four. His right arm is The Thing, his right leg is invisible showcasing Invisible Girl, and his left arm features both Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch with an extended flaming hand. Super Skrull was a nice addition to add to their first wave and it is nicely detailed and designed and perfect for any Marvel fans collection.

The Fantastic Four Funko Pops are currently in stores and you can still find them online in a located here. I would suggest GameStops would be one of your best bets to find them but a lot of stores were only getting in one per store. However, they could have restocked since then. To save you the time you can buy them all here. With such a massive release I hope we can see more Fantastic Four characters come in the future like the Future Foundation or some different variations of their costumes. Who knows what will be on the horizon next for our favorite Fantastic Four heroes and villains from Funko.

Stay tuned here at Bleeding Cool for the next Fantastic Four Funko Pop "Earth" adventure.

The Fantastic Four Go Cosmic as Galactus Approaches [Review]

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