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Swarm The City Demo By SuperIndie Games Coming To Steam June 16th
Independent game publisher SuperIndie Games and developer Seasun Games have announced that their upcoming zombie-horror simulation/strategy game Swarm the City is receiving a demo over Steam on June 16th! In this game, you control a mob of rapidly evolving zombies to the ends of infecting the entirety of the human race Sounds like a helluva[...]
Hex Of Steel Now Available On PC, Mac, And Linux Operating Systems
Independent video game developer SuperIndie Games has officially launched a new title for devices with PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Hex of Steel is a hexagonal grid-based strategy game that puts you in the hot seat in the midst of World War II The game covers all fronts, and its editor system allows the recreation[...]
City Of Atlantis City-Building Survival Game Launches New Trailer
Independent game developer SuperIndie Games has launched the latest trailer for City of Atlantis, their new city-building survival game Within the trailer, SuperIndie showcases dramatic and stunning gameplay along with gorgeous graphics befitting of cinematics The twist is, those graphics are the gameplay graphics! Key art of SuperIndie Games' city-building survival indie game, City of Atlantis[...]