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Adult Swim Adds Surreal Comedy 'The Shivering Truth', Fantasy Satire 'Tigtone'
Adult Swim is adding two new original animated comedy projects to their twistedly original programming slate: Vernon Chatman's surreal stop-motion series The Shivering Truth; and Andrew Koehler and Benjamin Martin's medieval fantasy series Tigtone Although dramatically different series on just about every front, you can see from the series' synopses below that both projects clearly[...]
Driver Ed Review: Jacob A. Ware Shines in Offbeat Surreal Webseries [Tribeca 2018]
Ware, the limited webseries is described as an offbeat surreal comedy that's directed by Amanda Cowper and executive produced by Trish Harnetiaux, with music by Missy Mazzoli, Rob Cantor, and Rob Erickson. To see if Driver Ed is a road we want to continue travelling down or something painfully on par with our first experience with[...]
Stray Bullets #30 cover by David Lapham
The Assassination Classroom bit mainly comes from how outwardly hostile the teachers are as well as the surrealist nature of the plot. That surrealism, arguably, goes even farther in this comic Since Stray Bullets deals in one-off stories, #30 doesn't need to establish a coherent set of rules for the story to follow As such, you're[...]