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Uncanny Avengers #30 cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson
Synapse awakens to a letter from Quicksilver. Finally, the team is visited by a longtime Avenger with a proposition. Uncanny Avengers #30 cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson Firstly, I have to gripe about what is happening to the Avengers titles Weekly books are almost universally a bad idea I add the "almost" qualifier mostly for 2000 AD,[...]
Uncanny Avengers #27 Review: The Avengers Battle Nihilism
Thankfully, Synapse, Rogue, and Doctor Voodoo may have some solutions. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure is on his way to visit one of the Uncanny Avengers. Writer Jim Zub and artist Sean Izaakse continue to rock Uncanny Avengers in this continuation and conclusion to the first post-Secret Empire story arc of the title Bringing back a classic villain[...]
Uncanny Avengers #25 Review: Great Art And Humor Make Up For Inconsequential Story
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] *Ties into the Secret Empire crossover With Doctor Voodoo possessed by demons from the Darkforce Dimension and Rogue pinned down with Shocker and Scorpia, the Uncanny Avengers find themselves in a lot of trouble. Human Torch and the Wasp attempt to cover Synapse in the hopes that she can tap into Jericho Drumm's mind and free[...]
Uncanny Avengers #24 Review: A Promising New Creative Team
Rogue, Wasp, Doctor Voodoo, Synapse, and the Human Torch are within the dome, attempting to fight off the monsters threatening the citizens of the city Matters are complicated when Rogue runs across the Shocker and Scorpia attempting to rob a bank in the chaos. Meanwhile, Quicksilver is outside the dome and trying to find a means[...]