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Star Wars Resistance Poster
(Lucasfilm)TAM, NEEKU, KAZ, BB-8 I did! What is it like to bring a whole new part of Star Wars to life? Did you feel a lot of responsibility that comes with that? Oh jeez yeah It kept me up at night Dave had a lot of it already envisioned, it has been in his head for years[...]
'Star Wars Resistance' Trailer, Release Date Revealed by Disney Channel
In the hourlong first episode, Poe (Oscar Isaac) and his droid BB-8 assign newly appointed spy Kaz to the Colossus, a massive aircraft re-fueling platform on an outer-rim water planet that's home to colorful new aliens, droids and creatures. While undercover, Kaz works as a mechanic and lives with Poe's old friend Yeager (Scott Lawrence), a[...]