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Rick and Morty are back to their dimension-hopping ways, courtesy of Adult Swim.
And is some off-shoot of the Galactic Federation still active – and involved in the conflict? That laser sword fight (copyright issues with "The Mouse," folks) between Beth and Tammy would seem to confirm it. Does this mean the return of Phoenixperson – and our "heroes" one step closer to "Evil Morty"? Adult Swim So here it is[...]
New Trailer For Melissa McCarthy's Tammy
Melissa McCarthy makes for one inept would-be criminal in the newest trailer for Tammy, the latest comedy she's headlining that New Line must be hoping will be as successful as all her other films have been She hasn't missed a step since Bridesmaids put her on the map. Tammy certainly looks like it'll be right up[...]
First Trailer For Melissa McCarthy's Roadtrip Comedy Tammy
Melissa McCarthy has certainly created a brand of comedy that's uniquely her own over just a few short years, and we're in for even more of it in this summer's Tammy, if this first trailer is anything to go by. A certain rough around the edges but big-hearted character is at the core of every McCarthy[...]