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The Ted McKeever Steampunk Transformers That Never Was
As first reported by Bleeding Cool back in November. Thinking back over all the Hasbro-related comics and stories over my time at IDW, I'm remembering the time I almost got Ted McKeever to do a steampunk-era Transformers series That woulda really been something based on the one piece of art he created for it. Let's just say[...]
The Last Issue Of Pencil Head And Ted McKeever's Goodbye To Comics
Today is the last issue of Ted McKeever's limited series Pencil Head, from Image Comics It's also his last comic in general Last week, I talked to him in detail about his decision to leave When asked what led him there, he answered: "There's a few reasons Mostly because I'd reached a point in my life that I just felt[...]
From Idea To Page: Pencil Head #4 Review
Yes, I adore Ted McKeever's realistic look at the struggling artist/writer life in Pencil Head. This week brings us the fourth of five issues in the series Starting things off with the tagline of: "If you think things can't get worse…then you lack sufficient imagination." …McKeever knows how to grab your attention. Pencil Head #4 takes us on a brisk and violent[...]
The Creative Process And All That Comes With It In Pencil Head #3
Ted McKeever knows how to start a new issue of a comic His opening panel for the third issue of Pencil Head put a smile on my face, and I'm sure it will do the same for you…   Leading with the title "Don't Believe Everything You Hear," it's no surprise the amount of drama we get to experience with[...]
"Instant Human. Just Add Coffee." Pencil Head #2 Paints A Real Picture
That's not the only thing Ted McKeever got right in the second issue of his series Pencil Head from Image Comics Starting with the subtitle "What Doesn't Kill You Leaves Horrible Scars," this issue continues to paint a realistic picture for how the comic book industry works particularly concerning the creators. Following main character, Poodwaddle through his creative[...]
An "Autobiographical Stew" From Ted McKeever's Pencil Head This January
This January will bring the release of cartoonist Ted McKeever's love letter to the comic book industry, entitled Pencil Head From Image Comics/Shadowline Pencil Head explores the whacked-out world of the comic book industry Readers journey along as witness to protagonist Poodwaddle's trials and tribulations of working, and sustaining, his place in the absurd world[...]
Image Watch: Talking The Superannuated Man With The Great Ted McKeever
By David Dissanayake   Ted McKeever's Eddy Current series changed my life.  I discovered it early in my comics-reading, at a time when I was mostly reading superheroes and didn't fully understand all the different and exciting things happening in the broader medium.  McKeever's work found its way into my life at one of those perfect intersectional[...]
Humans Are An Endangered Species In The Superannuated Man
We've got a little more information now on a book that was announced at the Image Expo. In a new six-issue miniseries from Shadowline, Ted McKeever takes us into a dystopian world in The Superannuated Man. By the time most people realized it, they were no longer in charge of the world we know In an unspecified[...]
A1 To Relaunch Digitally, This Week (UPDATE)
For the fourth (I think) time. Originally spinning out of Dave's time at Quality Communications working on Warrior, he and Garry Leach created Atomeka, to publish A1, containing the creator owned work of Alan Moore, Garry Leach, Brian Bolland, Warren Ellis, Steve Pugh, Ted McKeever, Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean, Phil Winslade and many more, in a[...]
Mondo By Ted McKeever Announced At San Diego By Image Comics
Announced by Image Comics at their San Diego Comic Con, a new comic, Mondo, by comics legend Ted McKeever Best known for works like the Extremist, Plastic Forks and his DC Elseworlds trilogy, he has a reputation for drawing very, very twisted and rotten human beings So that's good then! Announced by Image Comics at[...]