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WWE's "Plane Ride From Hell" - When A Joke Stops Being Funny
 And why not?  The wrestlers and WWE themselves have always presented it as the ultimate "boys will be boys" episode and no one ended up getting hurt, right? That's the problem and it's one that Dark Side of the Ring gave us a definitive answer to last night: yes, someone did indeed get hurt. There's a line[...]
Matt Hardy and Zack Ryder reveals news of the WWE Internet Championship: Network Pick of the Week
More than okay, in fact. Fuuuuuuck yea!!!! https://t.co/7Hl55AHr2C — "The Big LG" Doc Gallows (@The_BigLG) April 26, 2020 In other Twitter news, former WWE Attitude Era star Terri Runnels dropped a bombshell on nostalgic fans It turns out; she was never a fan of one of her trademark moves: the bronco buster. I HATED DOING THOSE!😬🙄😒😤 https://t.co/taqgajoJct — Terri Runnels[...]