OC to AEW Post-WWE? Plus: Bronco Busters, Zack Ryder, Steiner Math

Here are a few minor pro wrestling updates to put you to sleep this Sunday night. On Twitter, former OC member Karl Anderson revealed what he wants he and his tag team partner Doc Gallows to do now that they've been laid off by WWE. Apparently, Anderson wants to have a triple threat match with the Young Bucks and the Revolt. But where could that take place?

The status of the tag team formerly known as the Revival in WWE is as uncertain as Gallows and Anderson's, but many believe they're probably headed to AEW. AS for the Young Bucks, they're executive vice presidents there, so it probably makes the most sense for such a match to take place in that promotion, especially as AEW has been open in the past to putting on matches with talent, not under long term contracts. In any case, the Revolt's Dax Hartwood is down, under one condition.

And Doc Gallows is okay with that. More than okay, in fact.

In other Twitter news, former WWE Attitude Era star Terri Runnels dropped a bombshell on nostalgic fans. It turns out; she was never a fan of one of her trademark moves: the bronco buster.

Absolutely stunning that she wouldn't enjoy ramming her vagina against an opponent for the gratification of the audience, and, in the case of Jerry Lawler, her opponent. Meanwhile, Matt Cardona, formerly known in WWE as Zack Ryder, has registered two new trademarks, according to a report from Fightful. Cardona has trademarked "Internet Champion," which he used to use in his YouTube series, as well as "Alwayz Ready." Cardona also showed off new gear paying tribute to his mentor, former ECW wrestler Mikey Whipwreck. You'll have to click through to the tweet to see the picture. We're not getting sued by this trademark-happy Staten Islander.

Finally, speaking of three-ways, former WCW, WWE, and TNA star Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner referenced his famous Steiner Math promo to congratulate his nephew and son of Rick Steiner, Bronson Steiner, for getting drafted to the Baltimore Ravens.

But what happens when you add Kurt Angle into the mix? Happy Sunday, marks.

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