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"Ghostwatch", BBC
In 1992, seven years before The Blair Witch Project, long before social media became a big part of everyone's lives, a BBC TV play had its one broadcast on Halloween night Ghostwatch proceeded to freak the entire United Kingdom out that night and brought attacks on the BBC It has never been repeated and has[...]
Watch The Trailer For Skyman, Coming To Drive-Ins June 30, VOD July 7
Skyman is a new film from one of the co-directors of The Blair Witch Project, Daniel Myrick He is back with a tale about alien abduction that blurs the line between fact and fiction, while of course using a bit of found footage It will get a drive-in release first on June 30th, followed by[...]
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The Blair Witch Project Being Prepped For TV Series
In an interview with the Diminishing Returns movie podcast, co-director Eduardo Sanchez revealed that The Blair Witch Project would be finding a new home on cable/streaming. Here's what Sanchez had to say: "For us, it's a very natural thing to go and say, 'Hey, let's do a frickin' Blair Witch show You can say it's from the[...]