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Doomsday Clock cover by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson
DC Universe: Rebirth and The Button both laid the ground work for this merger to happen.           The year is 1992 Things have gone to hell since the publication of Rorschach's journals People are rioting in the streets, the European Union is disintegrating, Russia is (allegedly) making moves across Europe, and the American government is seizing[...]
Not Only Did Batman #21 Actually Outsell Secret Empire #0 – But So Did Flash #21
According to the recently released Top 100 index from Diamond, both Batman #21 by Tom King and Jason Fabok and The Flash #21 by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter, part of DC's The Button crossover, were higher sellers than Secret Empire #0. To figure this out, we need to look at the Diamond Sales Index number for each title: The[...]
Feels, Twists But No New Breaks In The Case – Batman #22 Review
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The third part of The Button, the story-line that has been promised to provide the next major steps in the ongoing mystery of Rebirth, Batman #22 performs spectacularly well in some respects, but slightly under-performs in another Heading into this review, beware: there are significant spoilers. . . . . The issue itself is great Tightly written, with a[...]